Hello, I am Dan. As a husband and father, I realize that we live in a disposable age where photos of our kids and loved ones are easy to take, post and forget. These images just do not seem to stand the test of time. It only takes a glance at your own phone to realize there may be a thousand photos sitting in your gallery that will never get a second look by you, your children and generations beyond.
I believe you want a photograph worthy of recollection and reflection through many lifetimes. I shoot in both natural light and  studio settings, focusing on your eyes. I use a full-frame camera with back-up and a variety of lenses, both modern and vintage, to give you the best image possible. I shoot RAW files which I can then edit in Lightroom and Photoshop. I will present you with files that you can have printed as you wish or share electronically. Thank you so much for choosing me to help you.